Comfortable, confident and happy



"If you had told me on day one that it was possible for me to get into my current mentality around food, I would have bet all my money against it. After 10+ years of struggles around food (both mentally & physically) I can honestly say I don't think I have ever felt this comfortable, confident, consistent and entirely happy to be on this journey. It defiantly took a lot of work & a huge leap of faith but I could not have chosen a better coach/support. We might not be there 100% but there were times when I thought that the damages were too far gone to be undone and only now I finally see how far from the truth that is and so I could not be anymore grateful."



Stuart (London)

"David is a fantastic coach. I really enjoy training with him because his sessions are well- structured, he’s focused on ensuring great form and he’s really encouraging . On top of that he’s really interested in your wellbeing as a whole and making sure you have a positive approach to training and diet. Really helps keep me motivated."

Super knowledgeable & empathetic


Amy (Hong Kong)

"Online coaching is totally new to me and I ‘took a punt’ on David. It’s only a new relationship and we only chat once a week but in an energetic and super friendly way he inspires and motivates with a hint of cheeky chappy. I do, however know when I am being told off which spurs me on even more! Super knowledgeable; inquisitive and empathetic; he is along for the ride."

Every diet had failed her, till one day...

After joining me on a January weight loss plan, Jen lost a good amount of fat and made progress, however this didn't solve the problem. We talked, there was some crying but we got down to the bottom of why dieting has never worked for her. She never believed she could do it and so was always destined to fail, not anymore.

1200 cals & 5 workouts but not getting results TILL NOW!

Olivia was following the typical advice of eating less and moving more but wasnt getting any changes. Starving herself during the week and then binge eating at the weekends left her feeling unhappy and like she could never lose that unwanted fat. She is now eating 2100 calories every day and has lost fat & gained muscle in the process.

20kg lost while socialising & holidaying

After getting very comfortable in a relationship & deciding enough is enough, Jack overcame his emotional connection with food and took control of his life. He is more confident, more social and happier than ever!

3 jean sizes down in a month by eating MORE food

Eating more food to lose weight sounds counterintuitive and Kaj thought the same but she was able to lose 4kgs in a month, reduce her anxiety surrounding food and go out to eat regularly without worrying.

14kg down eating 1500 calories more each day!

Harvey was working on his feet for 9 hours, working out twice & only eating 1800 calories each day but wasn't losing any weight. Now down from 104-90kg he is eating almost twice as much, massively reducing his insurities about his body and has the freedom to enjoy his life without worrying about weight gain.

More food, less cardio & lower body fat

Sophie wanted to get in great shape in 12 weeks for her wedding. Before we started Sophie was eating less than 1000cal/day and running 70km/week so clearly the idea of move more and eat less wasn't going to work. Click to hear the rest of her story

More confidence, more muscle, less fat

Jordon was bullied for being skinny, had zero confidence and suffers from scoliosis but this didn't stop him achieving the goal he set and gaining the confidence he always wanted to feel great about his body.

Chronic back pain to happy as Larry

From not being able to sit down or unplug a light, to Olympic Lifting. Sharon now has the confidence to live without restrictions on how she moves or what she does & doesn't even think about her back at all.

When it's more than just weight loss

Joanna was lacking confidence and the normal dieting tricks weren't working for her. Over an 8 week Online Coaching program, she DIDN'T lose weight! What actually happened was that Joanna lost fat, gained muscle and grew in confidence! Plus she is now eating more food than before.

Body fat down 5% without changing his lifestyle

From seeing the gym as a necessary evil for rugby to actually enjoying the process, James has got much stronger and lost fat in the process. For someone that socialises with work lots, it was essential that he could get the results he wanted without sacrificing that. And thats exactly what he got!


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