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I take the time to understand your past, your struggles and what you're looking to achieve. This is a vital aspect which sets you up for an informed program

Completely individual


Although some clients have similar goals such as Fat Loss, Muscle & Strength Building, Injury Rehabilitation, Increased Flexibility or Performance my approach to your is always unique based on our consultation

Coaching not Training


Training is impersonal and non specific. Coaching is educational, bespoke and invested from both parties. I expect all my clients to turn up with a willingness to learn at every session and build that knowledge from day to day



Based out of We11 in Great Portland Street, Central London. This is a beautiful and well equipped space that caters specifically for London's Elite Personal Trainers

David's approach


My approach is dependent on the individual but generally starts from a strong functional base and aerobic capacity before progressing on to more technical movements

Entry by application only


If you would like to be coached by me, please fill in the form below and I will get back to you at the earliest possible convenience or simply book into an available session


Olivia says...

“I was eating really well and working out everyday but nothing was changing. Then I started working with David and now I can eat twice as much food and I haven’t gained any weight!  

Every measurement has gone the way I want but honestly I don’t get it, it doesn’t make sense to me, I’m just doing what David says”

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The first step in any fitness journey is having a chat, so feel free to get in touch and lets see how i can help you.

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