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January Blitz+ Program

Join David as he uses his proven Fat Loss Training and Nutrition Plan to get in awesome shape in January.

Then go through the essential Refuel Phase to ensure you maintain your results and don't rebound. This is often ignored by other trainers and thats why so many people regain the fat these lose.

Entry by application only

Ep.12 London Series - Harvey Lawton BSc

Harvey Lawton puts me through a deadly conditioning workout by Harvey Lawton and then we chat through what corrective exercise is why most people really struggle to live pain free lives. We also chat through his person experience with emotional eating and how he is completely changed how he eats, resulting in increased performance and losing fat.

Ep.11 London Series - Em Furey

I sit down with Em and discuss if counting calories is the right approach for you. She also sheds light on how she decides what to eat in order to stay in great shape, if Yorkshire Puddings are a roast dinner essential & what happens to women when they get very lean!

Ep.10 London Series - Ollie Marchon

I travel up to Marchon Athletic to interview the apparently arrogant Ex England Rugby 7's now gym owner, Ollie Marchon about how to spot good quality coaches, if it is the end for large chain gyms & one awful joke.

Ep.9 London Series - Sam Pepys

Sam Pepys BSc MSc ASCC CSCS takes me through a lovely S&C workout before chatting about if children should workout, if women should cross their legs and how Personal Training is now being influenced not just by bodybuilders but also by sports, yoga and physiotherapy. Plus he tells a couple awful jokes

Ep.8 London Series - Lawrence Price

Lawrence Price shows me some brilliant activation and functional movement drills to add to my warm ups and then we have a wonderful chat about happiness. Keeping it somewhat linked to fitness we go through what makes us happy and Lawrence also gives you his top tips to live a happy life.

Ep.7 London Series - Tom Kemp, Andrew Tracey

I venture out to Farm Fitness and get put through my paces by Tom Kemp & Andrew Tracey in a gruelling modified strongman workout. Then I get their opinions on different nutrition strategies, Online VS Face-to-Face Coaching & their key advice for beginners.

Ep.6 London Series - Suzan Altay

I give Acro Yoga a try with the very impressive Suzan Altay at Third Space Gym in Canary Wharf. We discuss if yoga is a good way to lose weight, the best type of yoga to try and why more men should give it a go.

Ep.5 London Series - Johanna Hess

I get taken through a tough back workout with WBFF Pro Fitness Model Johanna Hess and chat all about competing, how to get in stage ready condition and how she has been able to get in ridiculous shape while also working as a Lawyer. 

Ep.4 London Series - Alex Crockford

A 24 hour burpee Guiness World Record attempt, a Mens Health published fitness model & owner of Crockfit. I go through all things Alex Crockford and show you guys exactly why he is such a good guy & has collected over 130,000 instagram followers along his fitness journey.

All donations to the Crockfit burpee world record attempt can be made here

Ep.3 London Series - Emma Walsh

Emma takes me a dance inspired workout & we discuss how fitness has changed through her live as a professional dancer, becoming a PT and now an aspiring professional racing car driver. Also is the fitness going through a revolution and is there really no excuse for eating badly?

Her Youtube channel is available to view her

Ep.2 London Series - Sophie Grace Holmes

In this London episode, I have Sophie Grace Holmes talking about living with Cystic Fibrosis and being very good at not dying. We also discuss how she has already run a 100km race in North England without even training and how she has defied all the doctors with her amazing mentality about life.

Ep.1 London Series - Mathew L Carter

I have Mathew L Carter talking about his struggles with diabetes and how its given him a fantastic insight into how to help other people with the disease obtain their body goals. 

We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages to social media, if the British personal training qualification is of a high enough standard and the best thing that you can do if you're looking to start your fitness journey. 


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