Hanan says...


"If you had told me on day one that it was possible for me to get into my current mentality around food, I would have bet all my money against it. After 10+ years of struggles around food (both mentally & physically) I can honestly say I don't think I have ever felt this comfortable, confident, consistent and entirely happy to be on this journey. It defiantly took a lot of work & a huge leap of faith but I could not have chosen a better coach/support. We might not be there 100% but there were times when I thought that the damages were too far gone to be undone and only now I finally see how far from the truth that is and so I could not be anymore grateful."


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Jack says...

“Losing 20kgs in 6 months has made me more social, more confident and happier. I was still going out and socialising. It wasn’t just about losing weight, it was about being more confident too. It's not about getting you hooked on something you're going to need forever, it's about teaching you how to do it for yourself”

Real World Results


After getting very comfortable in a relationship & deciding enough is enough, Jack overcame his emotional connection with food and took control of his life. He is more confident, more social and happier than ever!